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Sweet Service Award goes to Camps Bay Hardware; Sour Service Award goes to 95 at Parks!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Camps Bay Hardware, and its owner Jared Stein, a real Community-oriented business, in which customers are recognised and greeted by name, and are offered discounts. Should Jared not stock an item, he offers to obtain it from elsewhere, and has even dropped off some of my orders to my home! Continue reading →

Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 3 of Level 1, 3 October 2021


Sunday 3 October 2021, Day 3 of Level 1 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for a fabulous relaxed day, catching up on me; for a second round of sleep, savouring the silence in our building…. finally 🙏; for writing Blogposts for the week ahead, which looks to be a very busy one; for a good challenging walk combined with litter cleaning and seeing two 💙 clouds, and meeting the lovely trio of owners opening The Pottery in the former Mykonos restaurant building in Camps Bay; for bumping in to David Kramer on my walk, always wearing his little hat; and for being happy, healthy, and free. 🙏💙 Continue reading →

Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 3 of Level 4, 30 June 2021.


Wednesday 30 June 2021, Day 3 of Level 4 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for another day of lots of rain, but very cold; for being well-prepared for our EbbTide AGM; for a walk to Camps Bay to order a Birthday pizza for our Building Manager Henry and to pay some bills; for surviving an explosive AGM; for a refreshing Bakoven walk to let go of the meeting stress, and some laps in our garage, to reach my step goal; for some lovely chats to Stuart Bailey, to one of my clients, and to Jennifer Morris, both Jenny and David being in hospital despite having one Continue reading →

Roots Café & Kitchen taken over by siblings Mel and Jason Laing, friendly and homely!


Brother and sister Jason and Melissa Laing have taken over Roots Café and Kitchen in Roeland Square, across the road from Wembley Square, both having left Firefly Café in Camps Bay. The restaurant ownership change took place a month ago, the former owner Jess being friends with the siblings. I was invited to try the restaurant by Jason.

When Firefly Café opened seven months ago Chef Mel headed up the tiny open-plan kitchen, and she was always busy with food preparation, making it difficult Continue reading →