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Cape Town named one of 53 Best Cities in the World by TimeOut!


TimeOut has named Cape Town one of its 53 Best Cities in the world, nominated by 20000 city-dwellers subscribing to the publication.

I am proud to be one of the subscribers who nominated our city, asked to identify the top restaurants and bars, theatre, art galleries, the nightlife, and the cool neighborhoods. In its calculation of the  TimeOut Index 2022, the publication added the livability of the city as a resident as well as a tourist this year. Continue reading →

Cape Town ranks third on The Telegraph Greatest Cities on Earth list!


In March The Telegraph announced that Cape Town is the greatest city in the world to visit right now. Last week it ranked Cape Town as the third greatest city on Earth, scoring 549 out of 810 points.

Utilising a list of 50 Top city contenders, its annual reader survey, and input from its Travel writers, it ranked the list of cities on a number of factors, including the number of museums, galleries, UNESCO heritage sites, Michelin restaurants,  5-star hotels, beaches, air cleanliness,  transport, tourist attractions, legalized same-gender marriage, and LGBTQ+ community safety. Additional points went to cities with a symphony orchestra, and a metro system.

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Labotessa Café a Dutch-inspired secret in a 5-star luxury boutique hotel on Church Square!


It was by chance that I discovered Labotessa Café in the Labotessa Boutique Hotel on Church Square in Parliament Street in Cape Town two weeks ago. It is part of the Labotessa Hotel, in a beautifully renovated five story building reminiscent of Amsterdam from its exterior, exuding beauty and style.

I visited Labotessa twice, and on my second visit I was lucky to meet the owner Johan du Plessis, and to be shown around the Hotel by him. Continue reading →