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International Travel to/from South Africa picking up slowly again!


Business Insider today has summarised which airlines are currently servicing our South African airports, and which others will be doing the same soon. While we are seeing few tourists in our city, there definitely must be incoming international tourists, given the number of flights arriving in our country.

Many flights operating currently are from other African countries.

Fewer than half of the airlines which flew to South Africa prior to the start of our Lockdown are operating in our country currently, the article states.  Continue reading →

Confusing Covid and Visa regulations damage International Tourism to South Africa!


Six days after South Africa’s borders reopened for tourism, confusion reigns about various aspects of the new regulations in regard to how they apply to Leisure and Business Travellers, the insurance required in particular, whether the Covid testing applies to airline crew, and whether Visas are required for visitors to our country!  A surprise has been that the Minister of Tourism has appeared to have had no participation in the regulations regarding the reopening of International Tourism, left in the hands of the Departments of Home Affairs, Transport, and International Relations and  Cooperation! Continue reading →

Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 10 of Level 1, 30 September 2020.


Wednesday 30 September 2020, Day 10 of Level 1, Day 188 of Lockdown. 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Grateful for a mixed weather day, sunny this morning and drizzling now, with rain forecast throughout the night; for a non-writing morning, making up for it this afternoon when the International Travel regulations were announced; for a refreshing walk in Camps Bay, popping in at The 41 and at Tindlovu, and doing a shop at Woolies; for having my car cleaned and shined by Simbai, a mobile car washer, who came to my home 🙏; for a combined Bakoven and Camps Bay walk, loving the clouds this afternoon; for two Discovery Gameboard plays, buying a Pick n Pay shopping voucher, my first; for dancing to Kfm 💃; for chatting to Jenny Stephens and Rufus Scholtz; and for being happy and healthy. 🙏💙 Continue reading →