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World’s 50 Best excludes Russian Restaurants and Bars from its 2022 Awards Lists!


The anti-Russian sentiment has spread around the USA and Europe in particular, and now is affecting the restaurant industry, with American chain food outlets such as McDonalds stopping trading in Russia, Burger King being an exception, it continuing to trade.

It was a surprise nevertheless when the World’s 50 Best compilers of Best Restaurants and Best Bars in the World announced that it would exclude Russian Restaurants and Bars from their 2022 evaluations. No other international restaurant lists have followed suit to date.

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Sweet Service Award goes to City of Cape Town; Sour Service Award goes to WP Blood Service!


The Sweet Service Award goes to the City of Cape Town and its Mayor Geordin Hill Lewis, for lighting up the Cape Town City Hall, as a symbol of our city’s solidarity with Ukraine on Wednesday. While the city’s residents would have liked to see the City Hall to be lit for longer than just one day, and ideally our city icon Table Mountain too, it was a symbolic gesture that has made Capetonians proud of its city leadership, given that our national government is supporting Russia, it would seem! Continue reading →

Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 154 of Level 1, 3 March 2022


Thursday 3 March 2022, Day 154 of Level 1 😷

Corona Lockdown Gratitude 🙏

#grateful for a day that didn’t start off too well but got better and better; for getting 6 hours of continuous sleep last night 🙏; for a working morning, doing some chasing up of promises made, and preparing for two Status meetings; for fetching my new specs, very happy with them, and delighted that I received a 20% discount as a Discovery client; for donating blood, there being a huge shortage 🩸; for a wonderful gin tasting of Cape Saint Blaize gins from Mossel Bay at Utopia Cape Continue reading →

Cape Town and Western Cape show solidarity with Ukraine, Government of South Africa remains neutral!


On a historic day when the South African representative in the United Nations chose to remain neutral in a vote in support of Ukraine, one of 35 countries of 140 countries, the City of Cape Town lit up the Cape Town City Hall last night, sadly only as a once-off occurrence.

The lighting up of the City Hall follows the recent lighting up of the Western Cape Provincial Legislature on Wale Street, and was initiated by Mayor Geordin Hill Lewis. Continue reading →