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restaraunt-marketing-ideasAn American article guides restaurants with 25 Restaurant Marketing Ideas, Tips and Strategy to win in the food business’, most of which are applicable to South Africa too.  Local restaurants are not known to be good at marketing their food and service!  The list of ideas suggested is as follows:

1.  Photographs are THE way to market restaurants, via Instagram in particular, ‘high-quality, drool-inducing photos’ being the best way to promote a restaurant.  It is worth investing in an excellent food photographer.

2.   Loyalty Programs on online food apps attract attention and reward loyal custom.

3.  In the USA Yelp is vital, positive reviews being a massive marketing plus.  It has not been heard of in our country.  Locally Zomato, Eat Out, and Food24 are some of the equivalent websites, allowing reviews.

4.   A Google+ account should be set up, so that information on one’s restaurant reflects on the right-hand side-bar, obtained from the restaurant’s Google+ account.

5.   With increasing focus on eating close to home, Geo-targeted ads offered by Facebook, Google, and Twitter alert locals to restaurants close by.

6.  An Instagram account is vital for a restaurant.

7   A regular newsletter, to share successes, new menu items, or discounts and specials offered.

8.  Attract and incentivise patrons to share their photographs on a dedicated page, rewarded by prizes.

9.  Feature happy smiling staff, who patrons will look forward to being served by.

10.   Social Media is vital, and has replaced printed promotional media.  Facebook and Twitter are media which should be used to offer discounts, photographs of new dishes, and offer news.  Social Media management tools such as should be used to pre-schedule Tweets and Facebook posts.

11.   Media coverage should be shared on the restaurant website and via Social Media.

12.   Subscribe to Google Alerts, with keywords relating to the restaurant, so that media coverage can be found.

13.   Blogging about the restaurant defines its personality and character, in sharing its recipes, menus, challenges, and successes.

14. Invite food bloggers to try the restaurant, in the hope that they will write about their experience.  This is used successfully locally too.   Bloggers with a large following can be influential in creating attention to restaurants, especially new ones.

15.   Check that the online details of the restaurant are correct, given that 89%  of (American) patrons check out restaurants online.

16.  Define who the target market is for the restaurant, and focus the Social Media activities to reflect and talk to the target market.

17.  Tweets and Facebook posts can be pre-scheduled, linked to the time of day the restaurant is offering specific menus, and patron are looking to eat specific types of dishes or drink beverages.

18.   The website must contain an easy-to-find and read menu, and it is stressed how vital this is.

19.  Link to a delivery service, such as Mr D (formerly called Mr Delivery) in South Africa.

20.  Coupons and discounts offer an incentive to try a restaurant, especially new ones.   Groupon is recommended, but in our country it has a poor image, reflecting desperation.

21.  Link to online restaurant reservation tools.

22.   Consider using Mobile Ads, being cheaper than desktop ads, and giving better conversion rates.

23.  Business card lucky draws gives restaurants access to new readers of the restaurant newsletters.

24.  A Food Truck may attract a new set of potential customers to the restaurant. Locally El Burro operates a food truck on Sundays.

25.  Source local seasonal ingredients, to boost the restaurant image.

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