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Sweet Service Awards goes to Pick n Pay Strand Street; Sour Service Award goes to TELKOM!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Pick n Pay Strand Street, and its Manager, whom I recognised as having been at the Camps Bay Branch until earlier this year, who assisted me with an incorrect charge for two punnets of mushrooms, marked as R30 for two, but charged at almost double that price.


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Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 1 of Level 2, 18 August 2020.


Tuesday 18 August 2020, Day 1 of Level 2. The 145th Day of Lockdown. 😷.

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Grateful for an interesting day of surprises; for more sun to warm up the winter day, but the clouds still made it a chilly day, not quite as cold as yesterday; for having no writing to do, having written today’s story yesterday afternoon; for tackling Sandak-Lewin in more ways than one, not wanting to divulge too much right now; for organizing the rest of what is to become a very sociable spoiling week; for warming Camps Bay and Bakoven walks, happy to see Telkom workers fixing a badly damaged manhole and surrounding pavement; for the privilege of being able to call Councillor Nicola Jowell twice today; for our transplanted carrots growing beautifully after all the rain; for the invitation from Woolies Camps Bay to feature in a video tomorrow; for dancing to Dansdag ón Kfm; for getting an early night, as at 20h00, with the compliments of ESKOM Loadshedding 😱🥵; for the generosity of Martin Koch for fetching our Tourist Guiding Badges, and bringing mine to me this afternoon; for a cat chat with Michele Antelme; and for being happy and healthy 🙏💙 Continue reading →

Sweet Service Award goes to Maison J; Sour Service Award goes to Telkom!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Maison J in Camps Bay, spoiling Camps Bay residents and visitors to our suburb with excellent service, the best croissants in town (baked by Jason Bakery), good coffee, the best TWG teas, and a choice of almond and oat milk. On weekends the outlet is especially busy, so I sms Manager Vuyani Stemmer with a request to keep me the required number of plain croissants in case they sell out. Last month Maison J celebrated its third anniversary in Camps Bay, its owner David Chait always hands-on at the outlet in the mornings.
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Sweet Service Award goes to Openserve; Sour Service Award goes to Comet Surveillance & Infrastructures (Pty) Ltd !

The Sweet Service Award goes to OpenServe, for their installation of a fibre internet line directly into my apartment, via a new internet provider. While they did not finish the job on the same day, they stayed until 19h00 to complete everything that they could, having to call in Telkom to fix a line problem at the pole. This happened promptly the following day, and my WiFi was up and running smoothly, and has not given a day’s problem in the past two months.  Continue reading →