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NV-80 Bar & Grill pays tribute to two Gonçalves brothers and their restaurant history!


NV-80 Grill & Bar has an unusual name, the two letters representing the brothers Naldo and Victor Gonçalves, and the 80 for the year in which they started restauranting together in Johannesburg.

My visit to the restaurant was in the worst of restaurant times last month, a few days before our President lifted the alcohol ban, with fewer persons than normal in the restaurant, we were told by Manager Shaun Gonçalves, son of owner Victor Gonçalves.
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Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 12 of Level 2, 29 August 2020.


Saturday 29 August 2020, Day 12 of Level 2, 156th Day of Lockdown 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Grateful for all the rain that fell throughout the night, especially the cloudburst at around midnight, and this morning; for keeping warm despite our coldest day this year; for making a good plan in spending a day off; for buying Quark at Dinkel Bakery, another Mutti memory; going back to The Labia for the first time in five months, feeling very safe with their adherence to Covid regulations and seat spacing, and loving seeing the entrance interior, with a few things moved around, and of course not jam-packed with moviegoers, being able to see the beautiful design of the Ticket Office and Snack Bar; for being able to return an item at Sportsman’s Warehouse at The Point Mall in Sea Point ; for having two Discovery vouchers with which I could buy Raw Nuts at DisChem; for finding a new pair of walking shorts at PnP Clothing, not my normal haunt 😱; for finding Chef Chen Sushi Bar, his new outlet having opened four weeks ago on the third floor of The Point, delicious….. ; for fleetingly seeing Rose Klein and her Werner on the escalators in opposite directions; for a quick drop in at Woolies and Pick n Pay Camps Bay; for a refreshing Bakoven walk; for no Loadshedding despite this icy weather; and for being happy and healthy. 🙏💙 Continue reading →

Sweet Service Award goes to Sportsman’s Warehouse; Sour Service Award goes to PostNet!

The Sweet Service Award goes to Sportmans’ Warehouse at The Point Mall, and its staff member Ronaldo, for his excellent service in selling me a new FitBit Charge 3, alerting me to its arrival in the store and then keeping one for me until I had a chance to get to the store, not selling it to anyone else, and contacting me regularly. Once I arrived, he set up my details on the new FitBit, quite a lengthy process of about an hour, but both of us were patient, as the FitBit is a vital tool in my health and fitness management, synced with my Discovery Vitality App. Despite a device change, all my previous data measured on the FitBit Alta are still on my FitBit App.  Continue reading →

FitBit a fabulous fitness tool and motivation, discovering my health and fitness with Discovery!

I have not been fitness-conscious in many years, but in preparation for my Camino walk, I decided to invest in a FitBit, a watch that not only tells the date and time, but also provides information about one’s activity in terms of steps and kilometers covered, calories burned, and one’s heart rate. All the measures are tracked daily and weekly, from the time that one startswearing the FitBit. Continue reading →