Pendock Fleur du Cap ‘top’ Cape Town Restaurants PR paradox: knocks food writers and bloggers!


Neil Pendock, writing on his blog yesterday, knocked bloggers and food writers by applauding their absence at the inaugural Fleur du Cap 100 Places to Eat Cape Town 2011: What made the awards cocktail party unusual was that the usual cast of thousands – journos, hacks, bloggers, twits and hangers on – was conspicuous by its absence..” Yet the ‘Awards’ were organised by ‘little Irish devil‘ (his words) blogger Clare (‘Mack’) McKeon-McLoughlin!  How embarassing for sponsor Fleur du Cap, wishing to gain support from the media and bloggers for its brands, given that Pendock no doubt had an organising hand in the ‘Awards’!

Neil Pendock can be a really nice guy, as I experienced at the Compass Box Whisky Co tasting and blending afternoon a week ago.  But he has a nasty side too, as poor Su Birch of WOSA well knows, being the target of regular attacks in his Pendock Uncorked Sunday Times blog.   We can attest to his fierce loyalty to McKeon-McLoughlin, as he has blocked us on Twitter, due to our criticism of Cape Town Tourism’s involvement in his and McKeon-McLoughlin’s organisation of the frivolous ‘100 Women 100 Wines’ in August.

Now poor Abigail Donnelly is the next target, being the sole judge and editor of the Eat Out DStv Food Network Top 10 Restaurant Awards for the first time.  This year the judging committee of Pete Goffe-Wood, Anna Trapido and Arnold Tanzer, who received a substantial remuneration, it is said, fell away, and whilst there has been some muttering about this, I have not heard any chef denigrate Mrs Donnelly because of the organisational change. The Top 20 Eat Out finalist list has been announced, and the only rumblings about it is that Rust en Vrede is not on the list, having been the winning restaurant on the Eat Out Top 10 Restaurant list last year, but its Chef David Higgs left mid-year, and that Chef Henrico Grobbelaar has not been at Azure Restaurant of the Twelve Apostles Hotel for a full twelve months, which is what the Eat Out rules dictate.

On Sunday McKeon-McLoughlin had invited some of the Fleur du Cap ‘Top 100’ restaurants and announced the following (alphabetically listed) restaurants to be the Top 10 Restaurants in Cape Town, out of an initial list of 100:

95 Keerom – Giorgio Nava.

Aubergine – Harald Bresselschmidt

Bizerca – Laurent Deslandes

Dear Me – Vanessa Marx

The Foodbarn – Franck Dangereux

The Greenhouse – Peter Templehoff

Hemelhuijs – Jacques Erasmus

Planet Restaurant at the Mount Nelson – Rudi Liebenberg

Societi Bistro – Stefan Marais

The Test Kitchen – Luke Dale Roberts

If one compares the list to the Eat Out Top 10 Restaurant Top 20 Finalist list, Azure at the Twelve Apostles Hotel, The Round House, and Nobu at the One&Only Cape Town are obvious exclusions, while The Test Kitchen, The Greenhouse, and Planet Restaurant also feature on the Eat Out Top 20 list.  What makes the list above lose all credibility is the inclusion of Societi Bistro – whilst very popular amongst bloggers, who are regularly invited for lunch or dinner, and appears to be the McKeon-McLoughlin’s permanent dining room, it certainly does not feature on anyone’s top restaurant list for Cape Town!  Amusing is that Aubergine fell off the Eat Out Top 20 Finalist list, whilst having been an Eat Out Top 10 Restaurant last year, and appears on the above list!  A number of restaurant lovers queried its Eat Out inclusion last year.   Hemelhuijs and Dear Me Foodworld are great lunch venues, but only open in the evening once a week, and therefore are not in the same league as the other restaurants on the list, which serve lunch and dinner.

Ironic too is that Cape Town has lost its reputation as a top restaurant city, this accolade now having moved to the Winelands, Stellenbosch in particular, and therefore a list focusing on Cape Town only is like only handing out a second prize!   Pendock writes about the judges Bianca Coleman, Jos Baker and Anna Trapido that they are the ‘biggest culinary cannons’, an extreme exaggeration!  Trapido lives in Johannesburg, and hardly would have been able to judge all 100 Cape Town restaurants, especially given the short time between conceptualisation and execution of the Fleur du Cap Restaurant list.

A request sent to Eat Out editor Abigail Donnelly for a list of the finalists in the new categories of the Eat Out Awards has surprisingly been declined, even though some restaurants on the list are ‘bragging’ about their inclusion.  All eyes will be on Eat Out and Abigail Donnelly on 20 November, when the country’s Eat Out Top 10 Restaurants will be announced, in ranked order!

POSTSCRIPT 8/11: Interestingly, the Fleur du Cap website has no reference to the Top 100 Cape Town Restaurants list, nor to the Top 10 Cape Town Restaurants.  The media release issued by the Fleur du Cap PR consultancy GC Communications oddly does not provide any quotes by nor contact details for the Fleur du Cap Brand Manager Danelle Kietzmann!

POSTSCRIPT 8/11: This evening I chatted to Jos Baker, one of the four judges of the Fleur du Cap Top 100 and Top 10 Places to Eat Cape Town 2011, at the Platter’s launch.  I asked what the criteria for inclusion were, and she said it was to find restaurants that would ‘not be intimidating‘, ranging from the top-end to the ‘hole-in-the-wall’, to give a good spread!  She told me that most of the judges’ deliberations were done via e-mail.  When I asked her about Eat Out having one judge only, she said ‘no comment’.  When I asked her if further regional lists would be published, she gave me a look that confirmed this, without answering directly.

POSTSCRIPT 9/11:  One would have thought that the Mount Nelson Hotel’s marketing department would have known better than to have described their inclusion in the Fleur du Cap Top 10 Places to eat list as ‘a most sought after achievement’ in their November newsletter today!

POSTSCRIPT 10/11:  Food24 has included a link to this blogpost in its newsletter today.

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: Twitter: @WhaleCottage

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7 replies on “Pendock Fleur du Cap ‘top’ Cape Town Restaurants PR paradox: knocks food writers and bloggers!”

  1. Hi Chris,

    Nothing to do with this topic. I heard from Johan at Tokara today, about my problem in making a reservation. Thanks for chasing it up & I guess Mel & I had better dine there!!

    I owe you a glass of fine wine (or 2!!)

    Many thanks,


  2. Super Nick

    You can’t not eat at what I believe will be the number one Eat Out Top 10 Restaurant, to be announced on 20/11!


  3. Very good question Anonymous.

    The Top 10 list inclusion of Societi Bistro is already questionable, given the fact that there is a special relationship between the restaurant and the Fleur du Cap restaurant list organisers!


  4. Hi Chris

    Even though i question the thought process and results in this new cape town restaurant awards and i do admire the fact that someone else is coming in to at least challenge the farce that is eat out awards.

    I am actually surprised that you dont criticise the eat out award process more, how can an awards process be effective or taken seriously with one judge.

    You mention above that Tokara will be number one restaurant (not dash !!!!) this year at eat out but what does this mean, that one individual likes it better than other places.

    You also mention above that you have not heard any chefs criticise AD or the awards, well no wonder, would be like turkeys voting for christmas.You have responded before to say that resturants believe the eat out award really has an impact and they like it, i wonder how many potential customers agree.

    These awards mean nothing, when i have to get advice from AD or CM were i should eat it will be a very bad day.

    Im off now to set up my own awards, top 10 restaurants that will bribe me with goodies and drinks , have to go Manley PR on the phone.

  5. Thanks for the laugh Darren from Hout Bay.

    Let’s start with Dash – it’s not been open for 12 months, as required by Eat Out for its Top 10 Restaurant judging, and therefore is not in the running this year. Sadly, almost everyone has or is leaving Dash, including Executive Chef Steven Templeton.

    I have not heard any chefs complain to me or in any public and private forum about Abigail Donnelly being the sole judge, other than criticism about the exclusion of Rust en Vrede, not by the restaurant, one must add. I spoke to Abigail at the Maison launch this afternoon, and she said that Rust en Vrede Chef John Shuttleworth and Sommelier Neil Grant will be at the awards ceremony on the 20th.

    Eat Out has a list of criteria for judging the Top 20/10 restaurants, which includes the food quality, service, ambiance, decor, etc. The choice of Top 10 restaurants will be based on these criteria, and not just Abigail’s personal choice of which restaurants she likes most (which she said at Maison today could include Nando’s).

    I cannot agree that you call the Eat Out awards a ‘farce’ when the label suits the Fleur Du Cap list, with the ‘Top 10’ Societi Bistro on the list – come on! It was also pointed out to me today that the Neighbourgoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill was on the Fleur du Cap Top 100 Cape Town Places to Eat list!

    I will reserve my criticism of the Eat Out Top 10 Restaurant list, if required, for after the announcement of the top 10 chefs/restaurants on the 20th.


  6. I’m with you Chris. As an outside observer who chooses to eat at the award winning restaurants when I visit SA, I reckon that the grading is spot on!

    As for Tokara, I land at CPT at 09.00 hours on Friday, March 2, & hopefully wil be dining at Tokara 10 hours later. Hope BA 059 is on time!!



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