Gratitude for 123 days (4 months) of Corona Virus Lockdown, a new way of living and being!



Today 4 months ago, on 27 March, we started a new way of living, in Corona Lockdown. As I wrote a post of Gratitude on Facebook this morning, I realised how significant my Gratitude List is to me, and how I value how I have grown in this short period of time, and therefore I want to document it on my Blog too.

Ultimately, special friendships are highest up on this list. So too is realising how unimportant material possessions are, and that it is the simple things in life that count. Very special is adopting my Minsky cat, a win-win for both of us, and creating a vegetable garden using our own compost. I’m grateful that I could qualify and be registered as a Tourist Guide in this time. And that I have never been lonely with the company of Facebook, my playlist, Kfm, and my German TV stations ZDF and ARD.

#Grateful for ❤️❤️❤️:

#. My self-love, in loving being on my own
#. The company of my cat family 😻
#. Keeping up exercising every day
#. Living in Camps Bay even more
#. Special friends, reconnecting with long-lost ones, and making new friendships
#. Loooong phone calls
#. Managing my money better, and looking for ways to reduce costs
#. Learning to Zoom and Microsoft Team
#. Facing my insecurities and working on them
#. The most beautiful winter
#. Fabulous service from Woolworths and Pick n Pay in Camps Bay
#. My legs, allowing me to stay fit (with my FitBit) and to see so much beauty here
#. Being an optimist, rarely getting down
#. Not being a smoker
#. Not having a shortage of wine
#. Not having run out of Smarties
#. Being able to enjoy food and tea treats
#. Facing uncomfortable situations better, instead of avoiding them
#. Letting go of people and things no longer serving me
#. Having something to write about every day
#. Meeting so many Camps Bayers on my walks
#. Starting a vegetable garden and making our own compost
#. Qualifying and registering as a Tourist Guide.
#. The company of Kfm, Facebook, and German TV stations ZDF and ARD
#. So many musicians sharing their music for free
#. Being able to assist the Restaurant industry with my Lockdown Food Delivery and Collection Facebook Group
#. Not knowing anyone locally in my circle of friends who has contracted the Virus
#. Being happy and healthy 🙏💙


Photograph: Sand sculpture created by Innocent on Camps Bay Beach. 

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